Past Projects

Single Storey Rear Conservatory.


Small extension to the rear, replacing the original conservatory 

The client required a space that was larger than the original conservatory but could be used all year round for different uses.   Structural changes to the enlarge the original opening allowed a connected feel from the dining room into the conservatory and the large bi-fold doors allowed the internal and external spaces to flow uninterrupted.

20_001_AS_00_DR_A_0200 - Proposed Elevat

Single Storey Rear Kitchen Extension.


The original property had no direct view of the garden and a relatively small kitchen with an inefficient circulation route to the garden and separate dining room.

The client requested a larger kitchen and connected dining space that allowed them to experiment and hone their hobbies and when required entertain guests.  The design also provided opportunity to view the garden from both the Kitchen and Dinning room

15 Maple Road_edited.png

Single Storey Rear Dining and Studio Extension.

Kings Heath 

The client was keen to have more space as well enjoy the rear garden and the natural light offered, with a South facing elevation.

The proposed design was a simple idea about providing opportunities to frame the exterior view with unadorned and clean lines as well as offer an adaptable space that allows the exterior decked area to be apart of the interior dinning space