About Us

The Practice

Aurum Studios is a design-led architectural practice which delivers a considered and pragmatic solution to meet your specific project requirements.  


We have over 15 years experience in the construction industry and worked in many sectors including;


  • Private residential properties 

  • Private rented sector  

  • Commercial retail units 

  • Office accommodation

  • Local Authority - Primary + Secondary Education

  • Higher education 


Together with our depth of knowledge we have a clear and straightforward work ethic to provide a high level of experience that centres around the client.  We are a family business with 2 generations working together to ensure the client is given a contemporary solution that is rooted in a traditional way of doing business. 


We deliver a high standard of work with innovative and clean designs with the use of modern materials and the most current methods and best practices that suits the project brief.

The People


Sudhir Sehdeva

Personal Statement


Worked in the West Midlands for over 15 years and delivered national important projects around the country.

Ardent believer that a simple and clean design that is matched with a multi-sensory experience will offer a better solution, which will allow you to enjoy the space for longer


Varinder Sehdeva

Personal Statement


After many years being in the Jewellery retail and manufacturing business whose reputation was built on Quality, Reliability and Integrity  This is the time to put those ideals to this endeavour.

Nothing is too small or too big, whether it is a small private extension or multi-storey new build project, the same attention to detail will be given.  The focus is always the customer and seeing them as an extension of ourselves and asking what would be right for us.